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Air jordan 5 shoes designing idea

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The apperance of Nike jordan shoes were produced on the imagination of US Air force Fighter plane. Shoes forefeet designed in the shark teeth are the most direct manifestation of his (some people say it is the flame), the ankle designed model looks like armor, of course, air max 2011 shoes is inspired by the armor, but he did a little bit like Well … the shoes of the small details – is extremely delicate lace buckle. Overall, the appearance of this double-AJ5 mix of colors needed to show that he’s fine to …

nike shoes early in the design of these shoes is obviously considered to protect this very place, this pair of shoes, whether part or toe part of the ankle to protect quite a place, but at the same time also brought a lack of comfort.

Use the whole palm of the AIR-SOLE. We all know that, although full-length AIR-SOLE forefoot is a bit hard, but his reaction is also first rate.

No boots are popular in design, comfort naturally would reduce some. Feeling the shoes of the toe part of the cortex which he used and a bit more rigid, and this pair of shoes a bit narrow forefoot of this shoe last is due to the protection of the ankle caused by too much in place, and both sides have large area of ​​ventilation holes designed than normal retro shoes, air permeability or can. Followed by a window air cushioning effect is still good …

Large herringbone pattern, this pair of shoes can grip any questions? This material grip rubber in this venue is quite good …

This shoe leather is still good, but due to the use of crystal at the end, we all know that this foundation though good-looking, but it is very easy to be oxidized, while at the same time it is also very durable, the durability of the scores I simply play for those of us who wear shoes to play …


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The British billionaire Richard Branson’s lury house on the private island were lightning strike caused the fire

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Information Times reported, according to British media reports, recently, the British billionaire Richard Branson’s private island on the luxury leisure homes were lightning strike caused the fire, almost burned the house, fortunately no casualties. Branson said the accident occurred about 4:00 o’clock, he was not nervous even clothes to wear to go save people. Optimistic, he also insisted that, despite being a fire, will continue as planned the wedding for his daughter here.
The private island is Branson in 1979 spent 18 million pounds to buy the entire island is currently worth 60 million pounds. In addition to dinner for the family vacation and guests, but also bid £ 34,000 for one night rental. The mansion is a fire in 1982, Branson built according to Balinese style, with bedrooms overlooking the open sea.

The whole building was burned ruins of the house

22 am local time, tropical storm hit in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean on Branson’s mansion, a huge fire caused by lightning, flames up to tens of meters, and quickly spread to the whole house. The fire caused great losses to Branson, including thousands of rare photographs and some notes. Survived only swimming pool there is a statue of Buddha. Fortunately, people in the room in a timely manner to escape. Branson recalled, “I was scared, because my daughter, nephew, friends, and so where I did not even had time to wear clothes on the points go to the fire.”

The fire will not stop the daughter wedding

Branson insists that, despite the face the fire, but her daughter will remain here as planned wedding. He said, “the wedding to be held in December, there is no place quite like here.” Interestingly, 22 years ago, he and his wife are also here to get married. Branson said the reconstruction of housing as soon as possible, to rebuild on the ruins of a miracle. However, because of time constraints, there may be more tents to guests wronged. It is reported that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, will attend the Branson daughter’s wedding.

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