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Air Max 180—when history meet future

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   25 years ago, nike shoes changed the history with air fution. Runners to wear it, and immediately there will be a different feeling, however, this critical technology is deeply embedded in the foam material of the shoes in the end among the consumers can not see. By chance, NIKE’s a designer in the inspection of samples found in the midsolefoam sandwich when removed from the mold left some holes, which are part of thecushion unit. This discovery forever changed the face of the industry. NIKE released in 1987, the air max shoes, marking the beginning of visible type of technology. Since then, every generation of air max 2011 shoes are an improvement on the previousbasis, providing more cushioning, but also highlights the growing ability to innovate.Ultimately, the revolution launched by the Air Max 360 has reached perfection, this isnot the first pair of running shoes at the end of the bubble. Also based on the new Air Max unit, NIKE’s footwear designer Andrew Caine had inspiration to create a revolutionary Air Max180 shoes. Speaking of shoes, the most important thing is to have a good cushioning sole to minimize the damage caused by the impact. Nike Air Max series on running shoes, the sole is made ​​from the air. Andrew tried to Air Max 360 running shoes in the revolutionary technology used in the Air Max 180. Product development division with the shoes closely Hans Guenther, Andrew studied a full charge of air, and determine what parts of the cushion should be divided into two halves, giving the Air Max 180 followed by a bubble-free. Air Max 180 running shoes through the design, Andrew Nike Air shoes want to keep going. He carefully studied the previous sections of the air max 2009 shoes, clear shoes of this series of key elements, and then start drawing sketches, to design an innovative work. Skin through the use ofpads, Andrew not only for new non-bubble build framework Max 180 running shoes, and foot and heel provide a strong support. And this practice in the Air Max series is also quite common. Shoes by the front foot part of the curved groove design, the flexibility of the shoes have been strengthened, but also showing a dynamic beauty of my zone .


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August 22, 2011 at 1:10 pm

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