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The value of living

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  Pond a small seedlings do not know how much experience the ups and downs, it will grow into a towering tree.
  People like to enjoy the cool shade of a tree in it, little children around him like hide and seek. There was a small nike shoes frog bounce to his side asked: “trees, shade shade as your people the tools, those children as a toy to you, you who are still mess carved graffiti,you do not get angry ? ”
  Tree smiled and said: “As long as people can bring a moment of happiness, I am very pleased that I live value.”
  Small frog disapprovingly big mouth “quack …” jumped into the pool called a few times in the sugar.
  Soon people to expand the pond, trees being cut down, the trunk was sent to a air max shoes factory courtyard.
  A tired bird flying to stay in the bark had been stripped of wood to rest, sorry to say: “Well, poor wood, I think you must be the trees before the trees tall and straight sturdy …”
  Wood smiled and said: “The wood is also good to do, at least make you take a break such a beautiful bird feet, I am very pleased, so I think I live out my values.”
  Bird flapping its wings, said: “ho! Thank you wood friends, hope your good intentions will bring you good luck.” Then the birds flew away.
  Soon to be a piece of sawn wood, made of boxes of designer handbags.
  Matches were to buy a lot of places, there is a box of matches to be a mother to buy back the fire.
  Match was the mother placed in the closet cabinet.
  Wall cabinets to see matches laughed and said: “You must not block a good wood, it will be made of matches, you really tragic destiny, the moment will burn your life.”
  Match smiled and said: “Although I can only burn themselves into people need fire, but this moment for my life I am proud that I am alive valuable.
  This box of Nike jordan shoes soon to be burnt, and its dust is swept into the garbage, a gust of wind blew, the dust rolled up garbage, said:”hey! Poor tree dedication for human life, no regrets, and ultimately how? Become Gray abandoned by humans it! as I went wandering with it!
  Dust shook his head and said: “No, and you will become a terrible dust storms together, so I have to stay together and the garbage,but also to make fertilizer, to reflect the value of my life …”


Written by amy

August 20, 2011 at 12:48 pm

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