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nike shoes was originally a goddess of victory in Greek mythology the name of the Earth in the 21st century is an annual sales of $ 9.5 billion sports apparel and equipment companies. As the world’s dominant sports industry, since 2005, is a surprise for nike golf in terms of a year, not only in sales on the achievements of recent years in the ball with the development and research on mind spent all walks of life have also been received. And, it sponsored players choose a brilliant record of frequent exposure and are all nike golf ushered in bursts of applause, Tiger Woods score one victory on the pitch, the biggest beneficiaries in addition to himself, will a number of air max shoes . Last year the U.S. Masters final round 16 holes of God shine Qiqie blow to Nike, with Komagari logo ball into the hole for a few seconds before the holes, this classic television camera not only continue to play in the major, even major companies as one of the most successful marketing case, repeated studies. As the current golf in China is still the development stage, and are subject to major international brands on the market against counterfeit goods, so they have some difficulties to implement. But undoubtedly the star of a successful strategy to make it in China this vast market space occupy a favorable position, even when the tiger to $ 40 million contract is considered to be crazy move. With the general development of the company for beginners golf club is different from Nike start targeting the needs of high-level players; while they do not create a club and then go to promote their practice is to sign and then the next star player according to his need to create the club. But clearly, nike golf ambitions than that. China’s golf market has yet to be continuing to develop, whether stand-runner position, depending on their take on how the strategy. In China, nike golf minds of Chinese consumers have become well-known brand in the future they will develop a more diverse peripheral products, continued to increase brand exposure. It is particularly worth mentioning is that, nike golf golf supplies will increase in China store air max 2011 shoes , this maverick move is undoubtedly an effective method to combat counterfeiting. In addition to advertising, nike golf will play a positive test will be held for the main object of communication and marketing groups, in order to enhance the existing and potential consumer groups, nike golf brand memory degrees.


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August 20, 2011 at 1:12 pm

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