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A short history about UGG boot

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In 1971, Australian surfer Shane Steadman sold snow boots in australia ,registed UGH for their own trademarks. In 1979, another surfer Brian Smith, bought some of Australia’s system of UGG boot to the U.S., began sell in New York, mainly for use in California surfers. He established the UGG Holding Company, and in 1985 the company funded by the British Royal QK United States registered their trademarks, trade the shape of a ram’s head reads the words: “Original UGG boot UGG Australia”. However, UGG Australia’s development is not smooth sailing. In 1995, Brian Smith proposed to sell shares due to lack of consensus QK decision to withdraw the shares, an independent brand and stick to the original development plan. Brian Smith will sell shares Deckers (Deckers) outdoor sports company. Deckers UGG caused by various manufacturers with the Australian legal dispute has not yet stopped. QK’s vision and because of the dispute is affected, in the “debt-free” in the case at the end of 2006 to push into the European market, to seize the market share of 78%. Defeated ugg snow boots of Australia. Led in 1996 by UGG Australia, JOMVOX, JUMBOUGG, EMU, QK snow boots and other brand landed in China, and continued with tepid sales, in 2009 the cold winter, snow boots, designer boot
momentum ushered in by their spring sales boom, overnight.


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