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  At the midnight, Liu san was suddenly awakened by his wife. Wife nervously biting his ear: “You listen, Han sound?” Liu san was surprised and she heard  “Cuckoo Cuckoo” chicken sounds from backyard. He quickly jumped off the kang,  said to his wife “I went to see”, and opened the curtain and walked out.
  Under the moonlight, there is really  a thief, is squatting backyard chicken coop and catch a chicken out from the shed, to bring the big designer handbags. Liu san rushed up, shouting, thief Huangde also attend to take the pocket, stand up Bajiao to climb walls, jump out of the hospital, west of the markets towards the direction of the village fled. Liu san do not give up, readily picked up a Nike jordan shoes and caught up.
She was about to catch up, and suddenly thief a bending, from the ground to pick up a shining knife, Liu san shouted fiercely: “You catching, I’ll stab you with a knife.”
Liu san is a honest farmers, dare not to do it, head “Om” is heard, did not dare to move forward on chasing scared. Liu san look to be awed, thief right again to move quickly to escape, escape side of the side is not safe to look back, see Liu san really break his foot, he suddenly laughed, then quickly turned a corner, it disappeared in the night being.
This daze Liu san long way out of breath. At this time, his wife and several neighbors shovel carrying pole to catch up to, his wife anxiously asked: “Are you all right? Scared me.”
“I was scared to death of it,” Liu san pole to a folder under the arms, hands and pointing to his wife to see, “thief Wazi hands of a knife, so long ah!”
“You do not have pole?” Bold neighbors shook their hands with the king’s shovel asked him.
Liu san shook his head, a wry smile: “How can pole knife useful? He stabbed me, get it working I die!”
“That others do, run?” Bold and willing to ask the king.
“Ran, I … how do I catch up with him!” Liu san little embarrassed, turning down the thief in the direction pointed. Suddenly, his hand stopped in mid-air: the corner of the ground, where a knife glowing glaucoma, Liu san know, thief dropped the knife.

So a group of people quickly ran. Ran to where to look, Liu san face becomes red, this is where the knife is obviously a frozen designer shoes!


Written by amy

August 9, 2011 at 11:20 am

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