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Beauty and ugliness

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A beautiful young woman with designer shoes , grief-stricken to go to the river for suicide, rescued by passers-by rushed and asked why did you wan to suicide.
  She cried and said: “I ​​am so young and beautiful,but my husband fell in love with an old and ugly women, but also,he want to divorced with me. I can not stand by it happened, even if he is looking for a young and beautiful designer handbags  than I can balance my heart, hum … ”
  Very surprised, and asked passers-by: “your husband must be something wrong.How will abandoned a beautiful wife to love the old ugly woman? I do not believe …”
  Women hear passers-by  speak to her, she cried even more fiercely, crying out of breath and said: “Because of this I just do not divorce with him, Kill and his trouble and I asked him the woman that okay?DO you know what my heartless husband said? he said that the ugly women always obeyed with him , nothing for his sake and love him more than love herself. said I was unruly willed, nothing can only consider their own, heindifferent, even then he was tired of beautiful, big brother to me you judge thisreason, he is a human right then? ”
 “This is how you usually … … of your husband?” Passers-by asked, puzzled.
  The woman suddenly cheeky proud of color, said: “me! Whirring of his drink myself of course, you look like me, beautiful woman, marry the man was not holding in the palm of the hand at home, in your mouth, I can do for him the kind of menial jobs dry cleaning A&F T-shirt cooking it? ”
  Passers-by listening to shaked and said: “The two together to care for each other love,you only think you blind, he can not derail it?”
  “But I pretty ah! That old and ugly woman and how I compare with her?” Woman proud to say.
  Passers-silent, and turned away … …


Written by amy

August 9, 2011 at 11:43 am

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