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If People in a wrong place is garbage

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Many people complain that their talents are in hide, in fact, you are in the wrong place.
People once they are in the wrong place will be rubbish. This waste not mean that you worthless, but that are fundamentally unrelated to your situation you can. Even if we have the power to use force against you, but useless. Is “Guotai on horse racing, circle pocket that much.”
Cadre school, many cadres, many intellectuals were delegated to the countryside to work wholesale retail Nike jordan shoes , their level of farming not as a common farmer. Study of the atomic bomb may not be able to cook the eggs. Peking University professor may not be able to farm pigs nourished.
I remember at university, one year summer home in the rural areas to participate in unloading furnaces, split smoke, smoke system, on the stove, doing awkward and strange live nowhere near a village of children, my own family a man on the joke: “Well, you still university students? “Although it is true, but reluctantly.
Some time ago, Peking University graduate student Su Lijie made a female painter, her starting point and paint technology have not completed primary school do this living person is the same. Highly educated job doing nothing. Central China Normal human sexuality that the nation’s third individual professional graduate school Peng Lulu, though, “the country’s third general general” because there is no employment of the Department, and primary school graduates can not find no work, like find a job do designer shoes .
Are in education, talk about education. Primary and secondary school now, especially in rural areas, there is a wrong tendency, course, or out of frustration, that is, on arrangements for classroom teachers, the arbitrariness of the existence of a waste of talent. A teacher, had his specialty is Chinese, but why let him teach politics. Some teachers had specialized in mathematics, but why let him teach chemistry. And so on. This organization of work, is not conducive to professional development of teachers, in the end is not conducive to children’s learning. Did not learn the profession, but had to teach the profession, teachers will teach difficult and there is no depth to have been sleepy, difficult people Manifest. The children would often learn things on textbooks, knowledge is not expanded. To give the child a glass of water and a designer handbags , the teacher has a bowl of water, a bucket of water, a water effect is not the same.
A person find their place, which was,

You are a rabbit, but it worked in the swimming team.

You are a turtle, but in the long-distance running teams.

This way, Cao Cao’s forces to fight water war landlubbers, is to get Song of the infantry and border of the nomadic tribes to fight riding and shooting, is to make University education kindergarten children, is to antiaircraft artillery played a large mosquito, is not up to help The fools govern the country, is to let the civilians living in the palace of Pu Yi himself to do after the braised fish, is to do the pearl fish head, is to make toilet paper bills.
After a flood, only two people survived. They come in the last moment before the flood, the highest climb a tree. A home when they fled away dry food, B took home the gold ingot. Later, B starve to death, a stick to the end, pick up the ingot return to the ground.
In certain situations, corn bread more than ingot Jingui.
In this case, you are a big gold vertical, that is A&F T-shirt, their own efforts and then, also in vain, and you can not escape the fate of a waste, it is difficult to escape out of the doomed outcome.


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August 5, 2011 at 2:28 pm

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