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The difference people in spare time

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1 Harvard has a well-known theories: the human difference is that spare time, and a person’s fate depends on the 8 pm to 10 points. Night out 2 hours of time to read, study, think or intend to participate in lectures, discussions, you will find that your life is changing, persist for several years, the success will be waving to you.
2. No matter how much of your designer shoes , remember that planning is divided into five investment: increasing investment in the body, the body is always useful; to increase social investment, and expand your network of contacts; to increase investment in learning, strengthen your self-confidence; increase tourism investment, expand your horizons; to increase investment in the future, increase your income. A good plan to implement, you will find your life and gradually a large number of surplus.
3 last page, can not turn, do not turn designer handbags, turn over the dust lost eyes. Some people can not tell where the good, but that no one can not be replaced! Never said that before the separation of people, already scattered in the horizon of. Put away feelings, to go, miss flowers, you will harvest rain, missed this one, you will encounter next.
4 can be misunderstood when a slight smile, which is a literacy; wronged when to calm smile, a generous; can suffer when the happy smile, which is a open-minded; helplessWhen can a philosophical smile, which is a state; critical moment to calm smile, which is an atmospheric; be contemptuous smile, when to calm, which is a self-confidence; lovelorn time to gently smile, which is a free and easy.
5. The way of life, some can not escape, such as fate; some are not changed, such as the Food of Love A&F T-shirt ; some are indelible, such as memory; some are difficult to hold, such as love … … with passively suffer, as brave ground on; places with birds under the eaves, as the storm hit the wing; its lonely in silence, as in the outbreak of fighting in the road … … the more difficult, the greater the resistance, the more dangerous, as long as the walk passed, life will be more exciting.
6. You can not change the environment, but you can change yourself; you can not change the facts, but you can change attitudes; you can not change the past, but you can change now; you can not control others, but you can control your own; you can not predict tomorrow, but you can do well today; you can not make everything goes well, but you can do everything with good attitude; you can not extend the length of life, but you can decide the width of life.
7. Attractive woman: 1, to find beauty of life . 2, to develop reading habits. 3, has a taste UGG boot . 4, with thoughtful people to make friends. 5, the bubble away from the idol. 6, learn patience and tolerance. 7, develop a healthy attitude, attention to their body. 8, to leave any man will do just fine. 9, has a financial motivation, learning  investment and operation. 10, respecting the feelings of treasure fate.
8. Fool look for happy in the long distance, the wise in their own side Raising Happy. Life contains happy in every detail.


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August 4, 2011 at 4:02 am

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