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Between each couple must have all have made promises it?
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During you love each other must have received a small gift to send it, then you have not paid attention to a gift in the cup of existence?
Cup, you have indirectly promises.
One argument: “a cup on behalf of my life.”
You have received a few A&F cups it?
May be unwittingly, you have several of his commitment to a life.
Between each couple will get married the same day made a permanent commitment.
“Regardless of whether they are rich or poor, healthy or disease, good times or adversity, regardless of his (her) young or old, you are always with him (her) love each other, dependent accompanied each other, whole life, never betray You like it? ”
Both sides say: “I am willing.” Eyeful of them with tears, his face a smile to greet the arrival of this moment is.
Then, the two sides will come to the other ring worn on the left hand ring finger. At this moment, they are the world’s happiest people.
Ring will seal just promise to each other, and that commitment has been accepted by the other party.
Folk have a saying: “ring on the other designer handbags on behalf of the leash, let the other escape from their own side.”
But now the promise has become increasingly small, and gradually people have gradually forgotten the promises made at that time.
If the commitment to use the metaphor of what? I think the commitment can only be likened to the sand. Now the promise is no longer so precious. Now the same commitment as the hands of the sand, the more you deliberately clenched tight grip, the faster it is lost.
In fact, no real love each other any promise of commitment. You were promised a commitment, but after a few years but you have betrayed the promise, promise you what is the point? Commitment, in the end is for?
Commitment is only once a little excuse, as if a promise is to open a blank check.
Never been converted.
Committed only to each other just a temporary assurance, however, really a lifetime commitment to it? Real UGG boot commitment to themselves to experience, not that word would be enough.


Written by amy

August 4, 2011 at 3:43 am

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