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To do the masters of mood

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  Everyone should have their own personality, as a person should not be bullied by others and you never fight back, how can such a weak person called normal? Government has always stressed that everyone is equal, but society is not always do it.
Three years ago I have been a days are a fearless little boy with jordan shoes, because in the local, childish thought he was born is unusual to develop a haughty character.
  Not everyone born with some pride, I strive to do something first. I hate my job, because it is monotonous and tasteless, but also hate this city, because it is too small, whether in the street, as long as a few in the city will watch the disgusting face. Their hypocrisy makes me hate, I’m going to leave this city, to come ture my dream.
So bid farewell to their parents, came to Shanghai alone. I have a small work unit not far from the hotel, each work is not happy when I would go with jordan shoes there, where there was about forty artists, each time I would go see him, he was always so kind, no matter what others say What he, call him, all when he can not hear.
  Once, he performed for me, I was feeling very bad, while smoking change see him, I was wondering how much money to give him time, money, when I think I have a corner of the coin. So I put the coins put into the ground, I think he would get angry. But I was wrong, he smiled and picked up the money to thank me. I looked a little guilty, would like to say sorry, but I have no chance, because he had jordan shoes gone.
  The next day, I want to apologize and that artists, and are willing to give him one hundred yuan. I went to the hotel, did not see him, and suddenly there is a sense of loss, the draw back to the dormitory with smoke slept.
Until several months later, I saw one in the street wearing a designer boot , middle-aged man, is he? I think of it, he who is the artist. He saw me, came over to me straight.
  He took me to his house, I could not help but stunned. “His home was beautiful! A European-style villas, all kinds of famous brand cars.” I am embarrassed to say: “That I am sorry!” He said smiling: “Nothing, I thank you, you let me know, I had have to control their emotions of. ”
  He later learned that the original is a well-known business executives, ten years ago because of his bad temper, uncontrollable emotions, a death sentence for their favorite people, so that his son ran away from home.
This makes me strong feelings, let me learn patience can make we more popular.
Endure a moment, calm. Even so, a brighter future. Yes, ah, we should do the masters of mood!


Written by amy

July 30, 2011 at 6:47 am

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