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Compass and a dog

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  There are several wealthy and lazy persons who wear nike air max shoes, oneday they get together and go to the forest for adventure. At the entrance of forest, they feeled tired, lodging in a peasant family, the farmers are very warm hospitality to them. I heard that they go to the forest adventure, kind of advice they said: “the forest is very easy to get lost do not go to dangerous risky.
Spoiled rich kid patting their sophisticated backpack, said: “Cheer up! Here are the most advanced of the compass, as well as the most advanced tools to survive in the wild, everything, we will not be dangerous.”
  Unable to persuade the farmers who wear jordan shoes to see, had shook his head back to their house and went to sleep.
  The next day a few spoiled rich kid to departure, the farmers are still to persuade them not to take risks. Finally, see no one listen to him, squatting on the ground pointing to a mongrel said: “Do you not go, put the dog on it! I often take it to the forest, if you really lost in the woods, it can help you come out. ”
  Spoiled rich kid who does not agree with the beginning, a spoiled rich kid of them directed at the rest of the partners squeeze squeeze eyes, said: “He was right, we still bring it! The road may be the lingua franca.”
  Farmers finally rest assured that they go.
  Spoiled rich kid who’s just out of the peasant house, the rest of the few people wear nike air max shoes asked: “Are you crazy, what with the use of this kind of stupid dog.”
  He laughed and said: “The dog had a long time without food, you can just bake in the forest to a whole dog, Hey! Eating dog meat while drinking wine, ha ha … … so enjoy.”
  The rest of his voice faded a few spoiled rich kid but also excited laugh.
  No other into the depths of the forest, they can not wait to kill the dog, and so finished, they left went to the depths of the forest.
Take a few days, and start new a new sense of excitement all over the. They began homesick, and want to live inside the city, so they decided to go back. Walking up to go, they found that lost its way, how can get out of the boundless forests. Advanced compass that they actually do not understand, then they should not take the dog to eat only regret, and may regret it too late, they end up dying in the forest.


Written by amy

July 30, 2011 at 7:09 am

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